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  1. How come the Houston Toros, C division are not listed?

  2. I thought all cities had to send one team to every world series. Why are there zero Toronto and Montreal leagues being represented?

  3. Has the time been adjusted for the Seeding party and talent show as a result of delayed playing times today?

  4. Is there a list of all the seeds in numerical order in one place so we don’t have to go through each team to figure them out?

  5. Hey. On here it say Hit Dats play at 8:55am is that correct or is it 10:00 which is in our mangers packet? This is for Friday play. Thanks

  6. Troy Nichols says

    What is masters division?

  7. updates?

  8. Are the Championship games on the same field, and if so, which complex?

    • All Saturday games are at Lexington Diffley, starting at 7:50am. The first championship games aren’t until early afternoon.

  9. The last 5 D teams lead to pages w/ errors, no schedules.

  10. James Jett says

    The LA and LV B teams’ schedule is is not coming up. Their pages have errors.

    • James — Thanks for the note. We’re back at the hotel and we’ve fixed the issue with the information displaying properly. Best of luck with games tomorrow.

  11. says

    The schedule is not up for any of the Seattle teams.

    • Certain platforms are having difficulties posting the pages properly. A sampling of input from Tuesday reveals that some Blackberry, Android, and Chrome for Mac browsers are having these problems. It’s displaying properly on most iPhones, iPads, and Windows phones.

  12. Why roadrunners from palm springs not in here in c division ?

  13. you need a live feed of the tournament bracket

  14. Orlando Wild Stallions & Dallas Boom’s pages have not bren updayed since ladt night. It still has them playing wed @ 6:40pm.

  15. Great site! Is there going to be a consolation bracket schedule posted? When does that start for the various divisions ?

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