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  1. Just a minor typo on a team name .. It should be.. VAN Priscilla’s

    • Thanks! We’ll try to get it changed in as many places as possible, but I’ll apologize in advance because you’re probably going to see it spelled that way a lot next week. The original typo was in the league’s data submission! Oops!

  2. Do you have to register for each team you want updates on or is there a way to choose all Houston teams, for example?

    • Just register once. Info pushed out via email will be general info for the whole tournament. Over the weekend we’ll tell you more about how to customize your experience at

  3. D Division, Twin Cities “Razors” I think should be Twin Cities Titans. It’s the Tulsa Razors..

  4. Did I over look Houston Toros in C?

  5. Bryan Cruz says

    Las Vegas Fun House Ranch should be Las Vegas Fun Hog Ranch 🙂

  6. OH, and by the by…this is awesome! Thanks for doing such a great job.

  7. Christopher Balderas says

    I signed up but am getting no messages. I’m a coach and trying to figure schedule etc…

    • Christopher: We’re not sending out customized messages based on your team. (Maybe next year?!)

      We’re using the email system to push out important notices. The first email blast is scheduled to go out later this afternoon. In the meantime, the pool play schedule information is already available on Just go to the “Team Pages” link from the menu above, and select your team from the list.

  8. How about keeping the results posted and up to date so we can see how our home teams are doing

  9. Do you have the list of the master schedule for teams, such as what field they play and time? Also, I love this feature, keep up the good work!

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