C Division Brackets

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  1. Don’t see Seattle Knights listed

    • Bob – Thanks for the message. We have just fixed this! You might notice on the .pdf file that there is no place listed for Seed C37, but Seed C39 was incorrectly listed twice. This error has been fixed in the system, but the error remains on the .pdf file until we can get it corrected tonight…. The Seattle Knights are Seed C37 and play in game C6 vs. Atlanta Sharks… Apologies for the mix-up! // Jeff

      On a side note: How do we know that we placed the Knights in the correct spot? If you add up the seedings for the two teams in each first round game, they sum up to 65. For the Knights (#37), you play the Sharks (#28) — and the seeds add up to 65.

  2. Why are the times not listed?

  3. For some reason it was not there this morning.

  4. I think the work that goes into this website and tournament is outstanding. Thanks for the GREAT work!

  5. The game between Chicago Corruption and Houston Twisters states that TC Moose won. This should have been either Chicago Corruption or TC advancing….can someone clear this up?

    • Thanks for letting us know! This has been fixed in the system, but it may take a few minutes before the changes are reflected on the website.

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