2019 Host Hotel Room Codes

UPDATE: 3:05 PM CT — Rooms are still available at the Sheraton and Westin. The only room format not currently available is one-king rooms at Westin. King rooms at Sheraton, as well as two-bed rooms at either hotel are still available. At our latest check, there were also rooms still available at Harrah’s.

Update: Mon July 8, Noon CT
Host Hotel Link: Sheraton & Westin (Sun Sept 1 – Mon Sept 9)
Host Hotel Link: Harrah’s (Sun Sept 1 – Sun Sept 8)

Arriving earlier than Sun Sept 1? See below for more information.

One other note: The booking website for Sheraton and Westin lists two different distances to the airport. This is an error. The two hotels are across the street from each other, connected by an enclosed over-the-street walkway.

If you haven’t already done so, see read below for important tips in making your reservations.

MONDAY, JULY 8 — 3:00am CT

At noon CT on Mon July 8, NAGAAA will post the links to the host hotel group booking blocks. The links will be posted exclusively at myGSWS.com.

In the meantime, please read this important information to make your time a little more efficient later today.

Sheraton & Westin: Main Host Hotels
Our main host hotels are located across the street from each other and connected by an enclosed over-the-street walkway.
Sheraton – Crown Center ($135 per night, $12 parking) — block available Thur Aug 29 through Mon Sept 9
Westin – Crown Center ($139 per night, $12 parking) — block available Thur Aug 29 through Mon Sept 9
Harrah's North - Kansas City
We also have a very limited number of rooms available at one other location:
Harrah’s North – Kansas City ($104 per night, $15 daily resort fee, free parking) — block available Sun Sept 1 through Sun Sept 8
Top Five Tips for Kansas City Host Hotel Info
Please read these important tips before attempting to make your reservations today.
Tip #1 -- Sheraton & Westin -- Two Hotels, One Link
Sheraton and Westin properties are owned by one company with a common reservations system. Therefore, the link we give you will list availability at BOTH hotels from the same link.
Tip #2 – Arriving Prior to Sunday? It’s Complicated
• If you’re planning to check into the Sheraton or Westin PRIOR to Sunday, we’ll be following a separate process for room-nights prior to Sunday.

• Our direct link allows you to book rooms directly with Sheraton and Westin from Sun Sept 1 through Mon Sept 9.

Step 1: Rooms Prior to Sept 1
To reserve rooms for Thurs Aug 29 through Sat Aug 31, complete this SurveyMonkey form and NAGAAA will coordinate your additional nights. Click here for reserve a room beginning one of these nights: Early Arrivals Registration.

Step 2: Rooms Sept 1 – Sept 9
Use the link we’re providing for direct access to the hotels

Tip #3 -- The Harrah's Room Block is Limited
• The number of rooms available in our block at Harrah’s is relatively small. We don’t expect to be able to add rooms to the official NAGAAA block after it’s filled.
• Dates outside of the NAGAAA room block (Sun Sept 1 – Sun Sept 8) must be handled directly with Harrah’s. The NAGAAA room rate will not apply for days outside of our official room block.
Tip #4 – Three or Four Guests In a Room? Please Read!
• The NAGAAA room rate INCLUDES up to four people per room for the “two-queens” room format — that’s great news!

• In our preparations with Sheraton and Westin last week, however, we discovered a bug in the reservation system, appearing to add fees for triple or quad occupancy. The website may be confusing…

The solution: Book your rooms as DOUBLE OCCUPANCY, even if three or four people will be staying there.

• Then, when you get to Kansas City, the front desks at Sheraton and Westin will work it out at no extra cost.

Tip #5 – Having Trouble? Contact Chris Balton
Past Commissioner Chris Balton is NAGAAA’s point of contact for all matters related to the host hotels. Feel free to contact him for escalations at pastcomm@nagaaasoftball.org or by text at (901) 301-7091.

2019 NAGAAA Cup

SUNDAY, MAY 26 — 9:00 PM MT — Final Standings

Champions — Palm Springs Rounders 2.0
2nd Place — Phoenix Charlie’s
3rd Place — Orlando Unicorns “A”

1st Place — Atlanta Primetime Elite
2nd Place — Austin ATX Fusion
3rd Place — Orlando Unicorns “B”

Sunday Schedule

Saturday Double Elimination Results

Tournament Seeds

Seed 1 – ORL Unicorns-A
Seed 2 – AUS ATX Fusion
Seed 3 – PHX Charlies
Seed 4 – ATL PrimeTime Elite
Seed 5 – ORL Unicorns-B
Seed 6 – PS Rounders 2.0
Seed 7 – TUL Smoke
Seed 8 – SF Quake
Seed 9 – DAL Texas Force
Seed 10 – SF Fury Unleashed
Seed 11 – PORT Brewers
Seed 12 – DEN Stixxx
Seed 13 – DAL Lone Star Smash
Seed 14 – LA Rebels
Seed 15 – SEA Los Gallitos
Seed 16 – LA Thunder
Seed 17 – HOU Revolution

Pool Play Standings

Pool Play Results

Final Standings

A Division
Co-3rd — PS Rounders, SF Fury Unleashed
2nd — PHX Arizona Toros
1st — ORL Unicorns

B Division
4th – AUS Fusion
3rd – FLT Noize
Co-Champs — KNOX Cyclones, ORL Voltage

C Division
4th – DC Envy
3rd – NO Southern Belles
2nd – ATL Wet Demons
Champs – MATL Thunder

D Division
4th – BOS Postmasters
3rd – AUS Blaze
2nd – KC Hitmen
1st – MATL Norfolk Gunnners

Masters Classic
4th – FTL Code Blue
3rd – PHX Arizona Spare Parts
2nd – MATL Master Gunners
1st – HOU Hey Daddy!

Masters Legends
4th – PHX Dusty Ole Devils
3rd – FTL Silverhawks
Co-Champs – PS Desert Dogs, PHL Triple Play Legends

Saturday Schedule

At long last… here’s a live look at today’s games — schedule and results. The table of information below may be wider than your screen allows. Turn your screen sideways to view the time and location of the game.

A Division

B Division

C Division

D Division

Masters Classics Division

Masters Legends Division

Saturday Schedule

10:20 am — Please see Official NAGAAA Softball page on Facebook for today’s schedule, broken out by division.

Championship Saturday Shifts to Larson

UPDATE 7:00am —

All games moving to Larson for the day.

Radice #1-5 at 7:50am becomes Larson #1-4, plus Stadium as Field #5, at 8:55am.


As of 6:25am on Sat Sept 8, we are officially on a one-hour delay.

More to follow.

Getting Ready for Saturday

FRI, SEPT 7 — 9:15 PM

Friday Night Lights on the Stadium field at Randy Larson Park is well underway. We’re watching the B Division Winners Bracket final between FTL Noize and ORL Voltage.

It’s a short break overnight before the action moves to Radice Park tomorrow. Championship Saturday gets started at 7:50am.

Friday Night Lights at the Stadium

FRIDAY, SEPT 7 — 3:45 PM

Just a reminder that we’re shaping up for a fun and exciting night at the Stadium field at Larson later today.
Friday Night Lights – Facebook Event

Come on out tonight to the Stadium Field at Randy Larson fields in Plant City. Tonight’s event features the final two winner’s bracket teams in each division.

We’ll have on-site concessions provider by Brown Bear. Beverages will include Coors Light, Blue Moon, Tito’s mixed drinks.

Tonight’s Schedule for Friday Night Lights
Stadium Field at Randy Larson Softball Complex

4:30 p.m — Masters Legends Division
PS Desert Dogs vs.
PHL Triple Play Legends

5:35 p.m. — Masters Classics Division
Winner of MATL Norfolk Master Gunners & FTL Code Blue vs.
Winner of HOU Hey Daddy! vs. PHX Arizona Spare Parts

6:40 p.m. — A Division
Winner of: ORL Unicorns / DAL Texas Force vs.
Winner of: PHX Arizona Toros / PS Rounders 2.0

7:45 p.m. — B Division
Winner of: TC Steel B / FTL Noize vs.
Winner of: ORL Voltage / KNOX Cyclones

8:50 p.m. — D Division
Winner of: KC Hitmen / DC Shocker vs.
Winner of: PHL Homewreckers / MATL Norfolk Gunners

9:55 p.m. — C Division
Winner of: ATL Demons / TAM Otters vs.
Winner of: MATL Thunder / RHOD Platinum

Massive Changes to D Division Schedule


Until we get the schedule reprogrammed on the backend, here is what you need to know about the change in schedule:

— Games scheduled for Radice #1 through #5 will now be played at Moore #1 through #5. We will attempt to start what was previously the 7:50am games at Radice by 8:30am at Moore.

— Games previously scheduled for Moore #2 will now be played at Woodlawn #3

— Games previously scheduled for Moore #3 will now be played at Woodlawn #4

— D Division winners bracket games will have a scheduled start time of 1:15pm at Moore

FRI SEPT 7 — 6:00 AM

We have massive changes coming to the D Division schedule:

— No games today at Radice. Fields are still under water this morning.
— Most Radice games are moving to Moore
— All games previously scheduled for Moore will now be played at Woodlawn — our backup site

Directions to Woodlawn:

Special notice for D Division winners bracket games:
— Your next game will be at Moore at about 1:15 pm

More to come as soon as possible.

Radice to New Tampa — Drive Safely!

THUR 5:50 PM — The great migration from Radice to Greco is underway.

If you’re one of the games cut short by the last weather delay, do not worry about forfeiting your game because you’re not at New Tampa by a certain time.

We’ll be queuing games to begin as teams arrive and building a schedule for the night when it becomes more clear we have all teams onsite.

Let’s have fun and make the most of this unusual circumstance.