8:20 pm UPDATE: Double Elim Seeds

UPDATE 8:20 PM — Due to games having been played over five venues today, the NAGAAA Board is meeting to ensure there are no outstanding contested outcomes to today’s games. This could delay the release of double elimination seeds. We will release divisions seeds as they are finalized.

WED, SEPT 5 — 5:30 PM

Double Elimination seedings for the B, C, and D Divisions are scheduled to be announced by 9:30 pm tonight. (A rain delay at Greco as of 5:45pm Wednesday may cause some delay in releasing the B Division seeds and schedules.)

The A Division and both Masters Divisions will conclude Pool Play on Thursday and begin double elimination later on Thursday afternoon or evening.

Here’s a preview of the tournament schedule for those of you awaiting seeds in the B, C, and D Divisions:

The 27 teams in the B Division will begin winners bracket play at Greco at 7:50am Thursday. Then, the final eight teams in the winners bracket will move to the Stadium field at Larson softball complex.

At the conclusion of play Thursday, we’ll have four teams remaining in the Winners Bracket. No teams will be eliminated on Thursday. On Friday, all B Division games will be at Larson.

The winners bracket final — with the winner heading directly to the Championship game on Saturday — will be played 7:45pm Friday on the Stadium field at Larson as part of the “Friday Night Showdown”.

All games Thursday will be at Radice starting at 7:50am. When games conclude Thursday, the bracket of 64 teams will play down to only 8 teams.

No teams will be eliminated on Thursday. Elimination Bracket games resume Friday morning at Greco and New Tampa.

Winners bracket games will play at Larson, with the winners bracket final at 9:55pm on be Stadium field — and the winner going directly to Saturday’s championship game.

All 65 teams will begin double elimination Thursday at Larson. By the end of the day, the Winners Bracket will be down to 8 teams.

On Friday, elimination games will be played at Radice and Moore.

Just like the B and C Divisions, the winners bracket final for the D Division — with the winner going directly to Saturday’s championship — will be played on the Stadium Field at Larson at 8:50pm.