2019 Trophy Winners

Sat Sept 7 – 2pm CT

More and more trophies are being decided. Check back here for more final results:

A Division:
4th Place – LA West Coast Swing
3rd Place – LV Laser Sports
2nd Place – PS Rounders 2.0
Champions – PHX Charlie’s Phoenix

B Division:
4th Place – DEN Stixxx
3rd Place – DAL Lone Star Smash
2nd Place – AUS ATX Fusion
Champions – LA Rebels

C Division:
4th Place – DAL Wreckin’ Crew
3rd Place – AUS Texas THOTs
2nd Place – DC Envy
Champions – ATL Wet Demons

D Division:
4th Place – HOU Boomerangs
3rd Place – ATL Vengence
2nd Place – DAL Green Sox
Champions – DAL Devils

E Division:
4th Place – AUS EZ Ball’rz
3rd Place – LV Outlaws
2nd Place – DAL Thunder Kitties
Champions – ATL Chargers

Masters C Division:
4th Place – DC Nat’l All Starz Classics
3rd Place – PHX Spare Parts
2nd Place – TC Steel Masters
Champions – FTL Alive & Kicking

Masters D Division:
4th Place – FTL Code Blue
3rd Place – NY Eagle
2nd Place – PS Desert Nighthawks
Champions – FTL Silverhawks

Saturday Schedule – All Divisions

Here’s the schedule for all games on Championship Saturday. As games are completed, this page will reflect the final scores. Refresh throughout the day for quick scoring updates. (Some mobile devices: Rotate device to see game times and field assignments.)

A Division

B Division

C Division

D Division

E Division

Masters C Division

Masters D Division

Double Elim Game Lists

UPDATE: 7:45 am CT — “Game List” documents are now linked below for all seven divisions. They can also be accessed through the Full Schedule menu option above.

UPDATE: 5:45 am CT — Several of you have noted discrepancies between the B Division individual team pages and the “game list” document originally posted below. Individual team pages have been correct. (The original B Division game list reflected times from a different division.) An updated B Division game list is now linked below.

THUR SEPT 6 — 12:40 am CT

Get a better idea of when and where the games are for the rest of the tournament. Here’s a table of game information for double elimination — one for each of the four divisions.

A Division Game List
B Division Game List — Corrected
C Division Game List
D Division Game List
E Division Game List
Masters C Game List
Masters D Game List

Registration Deadlines

WED SEPT 4 – 11:20 PM

With double elimination games beginning over the next couple days, we wanted to update you with the registration deadlines for each division, which closes upon the first pitch of double elimination in that division:

Double Elimination Play Begins:
A Division: Friday at 2:20 p.m.
B Division: Thursday at 10:00 a.m.
C Division: Thursday at 7:50 a.m.
D Division: Thursday at 7:50 a.m.
E Division: Thursday at 10:00 a.m.
Masters C: Friday at 7:50 a.m.
Masters D: Thursday at 2:20 p.m.

UPDATE (11:50 p.m.) Registration will be available at all fields Thursday morning beginning at about 7:00 a.m.

B, C, D, and E Division Seeds

WED SEPT 4 — 11 PM

Team pages have been updated to reflect double elimination seeds for the B, C, D, and E Divisions.

For a brief period at about 10:15pm, C Division seeds were mistakenly released. C Division seeds and double eliminations are now correct.

Coming by about 1 a.m.: Complete game sheets for B, C, and D Division — similar to the sheet shown below for the E Division

2019 E Division Seeds

WED SEPT 4 2019 — 8:55 PM CT

E Division team pages have been update to reflect the double elimination schedule. For the full list of E Division double elimination games, check out this .pdf file:


Double Elim Seeds

WED SEPT 4 2019 — 7:00 PM CT

Pool play games are now compete for the B, C, D, and E Division. Over the next couple hours, We’ll be working on seeds for double elimination play.

If you see any errors in scores, please let us know by 8:30pm at myGSWS@gmail.com.

We estimate that seeds will begin to roll out beginning 9:30 pm, with the final division being published at about 11:00 pm.

2019 Pool Play

MON SEPT 2 — 10:20 AM CT

Moments ago NAGAAA released the pool play schedule for the B, C, D, and E Divisions. The A Division pool play schedule will be released shortly.

The pool play schedule for the Masters Divisions, which begins on Wednesday, remains subject to change while we continue to monitor the travel plans of players traveling from Florida. We expect the Masters Division schedules to be release shortly before the Coaches Meeting at 2:00 p.m. in the Westin Century Ballroom

Pre-Register for Kansas City

MON AUG 26 – 3:20 PM CT

Over the weekend, NAGAAA launched a new tool allowing players to pre-register for World Series using Whova, an app with many social media features allowing players to connect with each other.

If you didn’t receive an invitation, you can pre-register without an invitation by going to this address: Pre-Register Now

All World Series players with an email address provided to NAGAAA by their local leagues were issued an invitation to pre-register last Friday or Saturday. Invitations were sent to 97% of all players,

2019 Host Hotel Room Codes

UPDATE: 3:05 PM CT — Rooms are still available at the Sheraton and Westin. The only room format not currently available is one-king rooms at Westin. King rooms at Sheraton, as well as two-bed rooms at either hotel are still available. At our latest check, there were also rooms still available at Harrah’s.

Update: Mon July 8, Noon CT
Host Hotel Link: Sheraton & Westin (Sun Sept 1 – Mon Sept 9)
Host Hotel Link: Harrah’s (Sun Sept 1 – Sun Sept 8)

Arriving earlier than Sun Sept 1? See below for more information.

One other note: The booking website for Sheraton and Westin lists two different distances to the airport. This is an error. The two hotels are across the street from each other, connected by an enclosed over-the-street walkway.

If you haven’t already done so, see read below for important tips in making your reservations.

MONDAY, JULY 8 — 3:00am CT

At noon CT on Mon July 8, NAGAAA will post the links to the host hotel group booking blocks. The links will be posted exclusively at myGSWS.com.

In the meantime, please read this important information to make your time a little more efficient later today.

Sheraton & Westin: Main Host Hotels
Our main host hotels are located across the street from each other and connected by an enclosed over-the-street walkway.
Sheraton – Crown Center ($135 per night, $12 parking) — block available Thur Aug 29 through Mon Sept 9
Westin – Crown Center ($139 per night, $12 parking) — block available Thur Aug 29 through Mon Sept 9
Harrah's North - Kansas City
We also have a very limited number of rooms available at one other location:
Harrah’s North – Kansas City ($104 per night, $15 daily resort fee, free parking) — block available Sun Sept 1 through Sun Sept 8
Top Five Tips for Kansas City Host Hotel Info
Please read these important tips before attempting to make your reservations today.
Tip #1 -- Sheraton & Westin -- Two Hotels, One Link
Sheraton and Westin properties are owned by one company with a common reservations system. Therefore, the link we give you will list availability at BOTH hotels from the same link.
Tip #2 – Arriving Prior to Sunday? It’s Complicated
• If you’re planning to check into the Sheraton or Westin PRIOR to Sunday, we’ll be following a separate process for room-nights prior to Sunday.

• Our direct link allows you to book rooms directly with Sheraton and Westin from Sun Sept 1 through Mon Sept 9.

Step 1: Rooms Prior to Sept 1
To reserve rooms for Thurs Aug 29 through Sat Aug 31, complete this SurveyMonkey form and NAGAAA will coordinate your additional nights. Click here for reserve a room beginning one of these nights: Early Arrivals Registration.

Step 2: Rooms Sept 1 – Sept 9
Use the link we’re providing for direct access to the hotels

Tip #3 -- The Harrah's Room Block is Limited
• The number of rooms available in our block at Harrah’s is relatively small. We don’t expect to be able to add rooms to the official NAGAAA block after it’s filled.
• Dates outside of the NAGAAA room block (Sun Sept 1 – Sun Sept 8) must be handled directly with Harrah’s. The NAGAAA room rate will not apply for days outside of our official room block.
Tip #4 – Three or Four Guests In a Room? Please Read!
• The NAGAAA room rate INCLUDES up to four people per room for the “two-queens” room format — that’s great news!

• In our preparations with Sheraton and Westin last week, however, we discovered a bug in the reservation system, appearing to add fees for triple or quad occupancy. The website may be confusing…

The solution: Book your rooms as DOUBLE OCCUPANCY, even if three or four people will be staying there.

• Then, when you get to Kansas City, the front desks at Sheraton and Westin will work it out at no extra cost.

Tip #5 – Having Trouble? Contact Chris Balton
Past Commissioner Chris Balton is NAGAAA’s point of contact for all matters related to the host hotels. Feel free to contact him for escalations at pastcomm@nagaaasoftball.org or by text at (901) 301-7091.