3 Ways to Stay Informed

FRI SEPT 26 – 2:00 PM — It’s Friday afternoon, and we’re well into the double elimination phase of the Gay Softball World Series.

This year, myGSWS.com presents many different ways to track the final results of the tournament. Use the menus, above, to navigate through the site.

[Standings] From the menu above, you can find a list of all teams, by division, and their current status in the tournament. The Standings pages also show each team’s final placement in tournament. It’s a convenient summary format to quickly see where each team stands.

[Brackets] Also new this year, you can view each division in a traditional bracket format. Squeezing a large bracket onto a mobile device has been a challenge, but we’ve added colors and other features to help make it possible for you to view the results in this popular format.

[Team Pages] If you’ve followed myGSWS.com in previous years, this is the format you’re familiar with. Each team in the tournament has its own page providing details about each of their games, including information about their next upcoming games. This is the best way to keep track of your favorite team if you’re really only interested in following that team’s results.

Games continue through the championships on Saturday afternoon. Enjoy the games, and continue to use myGSWS.com for the latest results.