Bat Testing Exemption for Specific Models

On Tuesday night NAGAAA Assistant Commissioner James Williamson issued an announcement about a special exemption from testing on a limited number of bat models, based on a recommendation from ASA. These bats will still require inspection and certification and must receive a label before it may be used in play.

This is an announcement about bat testing at the Series and an update regarding three specific bat models. As of today, ASA has issued documentation that recommend exemption from the barrel compression testing for the following bat models: Louisville Slugger Z1000 series, Louisville Slugger Z2000 series, and the DeMarini Flipper.

Beginning Wednesday morning, any player wishing to use one of these models may re-submit their bat to the bat testing officials to be reviewed by ASA umpire and receive a sticker certifying them for use in GSWS the remainder of the week. The bat MUST still have an official sticker before it can be used – any player using these models or any other bat without an official sticker will be ejected from the tournament.

The final times available for bat testing is tomorrow, Wednesday, at Lexington-Diffley complex from 7 am until 4 pm – no bats will be certified for play after this final testing period.

James Williamson
NAGAAA Assistant Commissioner