Thank you! Now, tell your teammates

Thank you for signing up for schedule and scoring updates from You’ll all set to receive schedules and games results throughout the tournament.

This is a new way of experiencing the World Series — now think about how others might enjoy it.

Go back to the home page and use the buttons Facebook button to let people know how to stay in the loop with all the action in Minneapolis.

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  1. Tommy Carrico says

    The Austin Outlaws are listed as the ATL Outlaws. Just thought someone should know.

  2. This is a sweet service that you’re providing. Tampa VooDoo thanks you!

  3. Anthony Andreala says

    Way to go, guys. Thanks for breaking us into the technology age.

  4. This should be cool. Go Phx Trojans!!!

  5. Big Daddy says

    this is awesome…text messages would be great too!

  6. LOVE THIS!!!

  7. Steven Renteria says

    Nice feature!

  8. When are the Pool Play schedules released? Can’t wait to see everyone in MN! Go Green;)!

    • Pool play schedules will be announced at the Managers Meeting on Monday afternoon. Shortly after, they’ll be pushed out via email to everybody who has signed up to receive them.

  9. Debra Jean says

    This will be great!! Thank you for all your hard work to get something like this set up!!

  10. Nice job all. This rocks!

  11. This is excellent. Y’all are workin’ it out. Great job! Las Vegas Fun Hog Ranch is representing Sin City in the Twin Cities!

  12. What a great way to keep us informed, instead of texting everyone we know to find out results! Lol! Go Las Vegas Charlie’s… World Series Realness ALL THE WAY!!!

  13. An awesome way to keep everyone in the loop. Go Tampa VooDoo

  14. Go Portland Assault!!!

  15. robert hamiltom says

    Athletic Supporter of Portland Assault .

  16. Looking forward to a great week…this will make my life easier!!! Tampa Venom would like to wish all the Teams good luck!!!

  17. What about tv can’t you get them to show it on television so the people that can’t go can still watch it

  18. Anthony Valdez says

    Our team name should read SF Arsenal. thank you 🙂

  19. Richard Jimenez says

    D.T.S.!! It’s the real deal!!

  20. jeff culbert says

    Safe Travels to everyone good luck to all the 2012 teams Nashville Misfits

  21. Sf Crush, not crus. Thanks.

  22. Brian lindsley says

    Kick some butt Ft Lauderdale!!!!

  23. Go PDX Brewers!!!

  24. Way to go RI Grind keep up the great job bring it home!

  25. Steve Roberts says

    Thank you. This is great! I can follow all our Orlando teams. Go Orlando!

  26. Christopher says

    Great way to keep us posted!

  27. Randy Fisher says

    Why wont this work on my iPhone or iPad? When I select a team, the page comes up but there are no scores or game info. It works from my laptop though.

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