Trophy presentation at 8pm

Congrats to all our champions. The trophy presentation in the courtyard immediately outside the Renaissance Downtown DC will begin at 8pm.

As of 6:45pm, the DJ is spinning and food and drinks are available.

An exciting day of games at Fairland Park, capped off with the following championship winners:

A Division: Houston Force
B Division: Boston Blizzard
C Division: Orlando Fury Unleashed
D Division: Mid-Atlantic Lightning
Masters Division: Southern New England Cranky Yankees


A Division:
Champions: Houston Force
2nd: Phoenix Toros
3rd: San Francisco Steel
4th: Orlando Force

B Division:
Champions: Boston Blizzard
2nd: Atlanta Genesis
3rd: Twin Cities Frostbite
4th: Dallas X-Plosion

C Division:
Champions: Orlando Fury Unleashed
2nd: Los Angeles Softball Cartel
3rd: Philadelphia Triple Play
4th: Tampa Hammerheads

D Division:
Champions: Mid-Atlantic Lightning
2nd: Houston Dirty
3rd: Los Angeles Honey Badgers
4th (tie): Austin Pride & Ft. Lauderdale Bombers

Masters Division
Champions: Southern New England Cranky Yankees
2nd: Tampa Sluggers
3rd: Los Angeles Gang Grey
4th: San Francisco United


B Consolation:
Winner: Philadelphia Outlaws
Runner-Up: Portland Assault

C1 Consolation:
Winner: Dallas Wreckin’ Crew
Runner-Up: Long Beach Outlaws

C2 Consolation:
Winner: Atlanta Menace
Runner-Up: Twin Cities Steel

D1 Consolation:
Winner: Dallas Demolition Crew
Runner-Up: Palm Spring Gorillas

D2 Consolation:
Winner: Rhode Island Rebels
Runner-Up: Los Angeles Diablos