Wednesday Morning Update

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 8:20 AM CT — A message from Asst Commissioner Kevin Riddle

Wednesday morning UPDATE

Good Morning,

We have some great news. We just got off the phones with the Parks department and have learned that because of the work our wonderful volunteers did yesterday, fields at Krieg will be ready for play at 4:00 today. We need your help again. Please send volunteers out to Krieg at 10:00am to help get the fields ready.
With your help again, we’ll get this done and be ready to go.

I know we sent out a message last night that said 6:00, and we acknowledge the frustrations from the changes. We have 187 teams who came to play ball. We remain committed to make that happen. B , C and D division will play today. A and Masters will not start play until tomorrow. The schedule of games will be posted no later than noon.

More good news…we will have registration at Hilton as stated from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm today. We will also have registration out at Krieg where all games will be played today. Players can register at any time as long as they do so before taking the field.

Thank you all once again for your help and certainly for your patience and support.