Double Elim Game Lists

UPDATE: 7:45 am CT — “Game List” documents are now linked below for all seven divisions. They can also be accessed through the Full Schedule menu option above.

UPDATE: 5:45 am CT — Several of you have noted discrepancies between the B Division individual team pages and the “game list” document originally posted below. Individual team pages have been correct. (The original B Division game list reflected times from a different division.) An updated B Division game list is now linked below.

THUR SEPT 6 — 12:40 am CT

Get a better idea of when and where the games are for the rest of the tournament. Here’s a table of game information for double elimination — one for each of the four divisions.

A Division Game List
B Division Game List — Corrected
C Division Game List
D Division Game List
E Division Game List
Masters C Game List
Masters D Game List


  1. George Winborne says

    I think a double elimination bracket should have been added. Makes it easier to follow