Bat Testing: Do it NOW on Monday morning

MONDAY, AUGUST 13 — 9:52 a.m. We’re expecting long lines this afternoon for bat testing, so consider getting your bats tested THIS MORNING at the Crowne Plaza.

NAGAAA has implemented a new bat-testing procedure for the 2012 GSWS. This means that all bats (for all teams in all divisions) must be tested and approved before they can be used in the tournament this week. Once approved, a NAGAAA official will affix a small sticker to the bat indicating that it has passed the compression test.

Bat testing will be available on Tuesday and Wednesday at Lexington-Diffley only. However, NAGAAA will not delay the start of games due to long lines for bat testing. (Player registration will continue to be available at the complex hosting your team’s games those days.)

In short: Get your bats tested this morning! The sooner the better.



    • Forgot the E

    • Heard all the Z1000 and Z2000 are not passing the compresson test even a few new in wrapper.
      Either the calibration is not being tested after testing bats it does need to be.
      Loisville Z’s have 3 disc and the bat must be tested on the disc to pass,sure they have no idea what there doing.
      Feel bad for all that bought this bat it is legal and not passing get it right Minnesota,call Louisville ask them.

  2. the Best, that never made it says

    Testing bats is great for the series…..Now NY Mavericks is the team to beat in the B divison..

  3. As a fan, how can I find out the schedule to share the love and cheer you all on? I can’t seem to find any links to the overall schedule? Thanks!

    • Since this is the first year testing out our. We system, we have limited features in an effort to keep it easier to maintain.

      Look for more features throughout the week, though.