Customized Team Pages

TUESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2:30am CT — Moments ago, we launched the customized team pages for each of the 187 teams participating in this year’s Gay Softball World Series. To access your team’s customized page showing your schedule and results, use the menus above — or click over here:

We also have links to pool play scores and standings, and later in the week we’ll publish online brackets for the double elimination tournament.

In the event of further inclement weather this week, may not always have the best information for schedule updates. For changes to the schedule, you’ll want to refer to communications from NAGAAA officials — and then we’ll work as quickly as possible to have any changes reflected here.

Because of the changes on Tuesday to the tournament schedule, you may find a few errors and typos. If so, don’t hesitate to email us at

UPDATE: We’ve noticed a few typos in the double elimination schedule for the Masters Division games on Thursday, so we haven’t yet fully enabled all features for that division.


  1. Richard P Watson says

    Where ate the master’s pool play schedule?

    • We’ve crossed all the i’s and dotted all the t’s on the Masters Division schedule… And they’re now active on the team pages linked above.

      • Here in California we dot our I’s and cross our T’s =). I understand though because I am sure y’all had a loooong night! Good luck everyone!

      • Just checking to see who’s watching. 😉

  2. Haha . Keep up the good work!!