Game Schedules: What Time Do We Play!?

SUNDAY, AUGUST 14, 8:10pm CT — Pool play schedules will be distributed at the Managers Meeting, held Monday at 1pm.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Managers Meeting, the schedules will be posted on

Pool assignments were announced last week through a link from the NAGAAA Facebook page.

Some of you may believe you have already discovered your team’s schedule through a Google search. If that sounds like you, what you really found was a page of test data we use to prepare for the real schedule when it’s available. Please be patient! We’ll have everything you need on Monday afternoon!


  1. Where is the pool play schedule posted at? Not familiar with this site and how to find it. Thanks

  2. Thanks.

  3. It’s 10:30pm, and still no update. Will we have notice of who, when and where the games are being played? If so, how much time will we have to get our team together and ready? I keep checking the app for updates and nothing. When will we have an update?

    • From the Official NAGAAA Softball Facebook Page:

      We are finalizing the revised schedule. It will be posted tonight. We can tell you that no games will be played before noon tomorrow. The teams in your pool have changed. Field assignments have also changed so please review the updated schedule carefully when it is posted.
      We thank you again for your patience.
      Kevin Riddle, Assistant Commissioner

      • Post your best guess. Nobody will be mad. At least we can hope.. everybody knows Mother Nature is a bitch. Hope for the best expect the worst.

  4. Schedule? This is where I’d find it correct??

  5. mitch skiler says

    why not post the schedule on here like you originally mention?? if you’re asking people to use this site, then please stop relaying important details over facebook! i sympathize with you guys having to deal with the weather, but better communication seems in order.