Registration Info

TUESDAY, 5:45 PM CT — Registration on Wednesday will be ONLY at the Hilton from 11-5 on the 4th floor. There will not be registration at the fields on Wednesday.

However, the rule stating that registration ends at the beginning of double elimination for a division has been waived.
A player will be allowed to play as long as they register prior to taking the field.


  1. What about players arriving on Thursday?

    • Thursday’s registration venue has not yet been announced. We’ll post that information here when it becomes available.

  2. If a team is scheduled for noon on Wed, how will a player have time to register and be at the fields an hour before game time if registration does not start until 11?

    • Organizers are still making preparations and plans for Wednesday. If any changes are required to previous announcements to ensure players have enough time to register, those plans will be announced later tonight.