Thursday Schedule Announced – Field Volunteers Needed

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 10:45 PM CT — The schedule on all pages of now reflects games planned for tomorrow, Thursday, August 18. B Division and Masters Divisions games will begin Thursday, and the C and D Divisions will continue with double-elimination play.

The first games of the day are scheduled to begin at 8:55 a.m. At the start of the day, we’ll be using the same six fields we started with on Wednesday. As the day goes on, we’re expecting to begin using five additional fields, all at the Krieg Softball Complex.


Calling all volunteers! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day at Krieg Fields, so we will need as many volunteers as possible from 6:30 a.m. until midnight. Please come whenever you are able to the volunteer headquarters, located in the beer garden.


PLEASE NOTE: We will have 26 loser bracket games tomorrow. Join us for all the fun even if you are “One and Done.” First loser bracket game starts at 7:45PM.
Make sure to also join us Friday for all the softball action. The beer garden will be rocking with music all day and live bands at night.
Let’s turn Krieg Field into Oilcan Harry’s II. More details as they unfold. Play hard and have a ball!!!


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