Thursday Night Update (8:00pm CT)

Originally posted: Thursday, August 18, 8:00 pm CT on the Offical NAGAAA Softball page on Facebook

The NAGAAA Board and the Austin Host Committee 2016 are working together to develop a plan of action for the completion of the 2016 GSWS.

We are exploring all options and resources with Austin Sports Commission, Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau, Austin Parks and Recreation, and Austin local government to provide a solution.

The options include play at Krieg, SE Metro, Havins and playing around-the-clock. Obviously, we can’t give any updates until we assess all complexes in the morning.

With that, the NAGAAA Board has decided the following:

all games in progress will be completed under the format in which they were started
then, we will go to a one-pitch, no new inning after 30 minutes format

The goal is to resume the regular tournament format for the trophy games on Saturday.

In order for us to complete the GSWS, we may have a call for volunteers to assist ground crews to get fields ready for play. We wouldn’t have gotten this far in this tournament without the hundreds of volunteers that have already worked on the fields alongside the Krieg staff.

“In all my years, I have never seen an organization volunteer to this extent. I know you guys are serious about softball. Our team is just as committed to this as NAGAAA.” — Ashley McLerran, Athletics Program Supervisor at Krieg,


  1. When should we anticipate hearing what the new schedule is? We were one of the teams that were midgame when play was called for the day. If nothing else, do we know the earliest play could start tomorrow?

  2. Coreen Benedetto says

    I’m glad you are FINALLY considering the one pitch idea… only one question… b being that there are teams that have not even played ONE game vs teams that are already starting or played 3-4 games , do those teams FINALLY get to play first so before weather gets bad again?

  3. Lane Janger says

    I appreciate the difficulty of this situation and all the hard work and volunteers, but It seems that many of the teams have had a chance to play one or more full games. I think every team should at least have that chance before you go down to 30 minute one pitch games. The way it is now some players, especially ones who are on teams with bigger rosters, may have considerably less than one hour of playtime. That’s not right even under these circumstances.

  4. Richard P Watson says

    839 am 12 hours since anyou official notification. Please tell us something?