Tips For Reading The Schedule

THURSDAY, AUGUST 20 — 2:30 A.M. — One final post for the night: We wanted to confirm for you that the entire schedule for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is now posted through the menus on

In our first effort to push out information on Thursday’s early games, we initially relied on you to connect the dots between seeds, game numbers, and game times.

Now, though, we have completed creating the schedule inside the database that feeds the pages on this website. Translation: You can count on the information here to tell you when your team plays, against which opponent, and on which field.

For the B, C, and D Divisions, perhaps the best pages in the menu above that shows the whole picture are those in the “Double Elim Schedule” links.
* B Division – List of Double Elim Games

* C Division – List of Double Elim Games

* D Division – List of Double Elim Games

These links will likely give you best perspective on the length of time between games, and so on. We’ll have similar links posted for the Masters and A Divisions at the conclusion of their pool play games.

As always, if you notice any errors on your team pages, or elsewhere, please leave a comment the “Reply” section at the bottom of most pages to alert us to address the issue.


  1. Evan Morris says

    Is there any possibility of any B Division double elimination games being pushed earlier than posted today? Example: a 7:45PM game being pushed up to 5:45PM. I heard that it’s a possibility for the dirt fields to be playable soon.

    • Evan – Yes, there is now a new schedule to take advantage of more fields being deemed played again today. NAGAAA made an announcement at 12:30pm on the Facebook page, and those changes are now reflected on

  2. Why is there no 5th Round Winners bracket schedule? (It’s there for D division)

    • It’s there, but was miscolored. We just made the correction. Thanks for pointing it out.